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Wood Pellet Stove in Gardnerville, NV

Many people love the warmth and ambience of a traditional wood stove. They are are great way to provide heat and add a homey feel to any house. The downside of running a wood stove however, is the time you must devote to procuring and storing wood,keeping the stove full of wood, and cleaning up the ash that accumulated over time. Wood pellet stoves offer an alternative solution that greatly reduces the amount of time you need to devote to maintaining your stove.

Wood pellets are basically compressed sawdust. The sawdust, which can be waste from wood milling or manufacturing is shaped under pressure into small pellets an inch or two in size. Wood pellets can be purchased in many places in easy to handle bags, much like a big bag of dry dog food. So that takes care of the wood supply problem.

Wood pellet stoves are custom designed to accept and efficiently burn these pellets. Rather than manually loading the stove itself, as you would with a standard wood stove, you load a specially designed hopper that is built into the stove itself. The hopper is designed to release pellets into the burning chamber at a steady rate, thus eliminating the need to manually load the furnace. You just fill the hopper and you are all set for hours or days days, depending on the size of the hopper.

You might even consider using a wood pellet stove in Gardnerville, NV to return your entire home heating system, e.g. your oil or gas furnace. Of course, the requires some careful thought and planning to make sure you can fit the furnace to your current vent system. Or you can just have a stove set up to heat a room or two. If you choose this route, you'll probably want a stove with a built in blower fan.

There are lots of quality pellet stoves available on the market these days and the technology is quite advanced. wood pellet stove in Gardnerville, NV. Some brands you might want to look out for are Harman, European, Heilsa and Lopi. Do you homework and pick the model and features that are best for your needs.

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